Border Control

Border crisis is a failure of leadership

How much at the Border is this contributing to the number of coronavirus cases in the United States? That’s hard to determine but it’s ridiculous to think it’s having no impact. At this point, health officials announcing that it’s not a problem is about as credible as when people declared that President Donald Trump’s rallies were super spreader events yet had no issue with Black Lives Matter protests.

The U.S. has lost control of its Southern Border

For years the media painted the Trump administration as monsters for enforcing border protection policies and for ‘putting children in cages’.” “But now as the detention centres fill to overflowing with children, with the situation so grim that some facilities are at 1,700% of capacity, the media has largely lost interest in the issue.

Illegal Border Crossings Reach 20-Year High

It was only after President Donald Trump threatened to impose tariffs on cross-border trade that the Mexican government reversed course, and from then on the two countries cooperated closely to reduce the flows of third-country migrants across Mexico.

Drug Cartels Control the Border

Border Patrol agents say the majority of the single adults they apprehend are men who say they are looking for work such as picking produce, roofing and dishwashing. But an unknown number of them are also members of or being used by drug cartels. According to retired U.S. Marshal Robert Almonte, drug cartels control “all of the activity” on the border.

Fake News Narrative

Left Biased Media and Democrat Politicians chirp in on the Super Spreader narrative, not even Dr Fauci was right with this. They all still believe however that "illegal" immigrants who have tested positive for Covid can still be let into the country.

Crisis-Children Immigration on the rise

The Biden administration’s reversal of the Trump administration’s decision to return all unaccompanied minors to Mexico rather than bringing them into U.S. custody is a leading factor for smugglers sending 2,000 children over the border each week this month, the Washington Examiner reports.

Kids in cages or facility centres

Immigration lawyers and advocates question why the Biden administration would choose to reopen a Trump-era facility that was the source of protests and controversy.

Stimulus Package $900 Billion, pork funding

It is clear and blatant that U.S. bureaucrats have added a great amount of pork-barrel funding into the relief bill. But most politicians in America are acting like they scrambled to pass the $900 billion relief package in an effort to address economic hardships. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and other Republicans praised provisions of the aid but objected to the circumstance that it was tied to a massive spending bill with unrelated provisions. “Had this bill been solely focused on re-opening the economy, getting Americans back to work, and jump starting a recovery, it would have had my enthusiastic support,” Cruz said in a statement. The legislation allocates $284 billion to the Paycheck Protection Program, an initiative that allocates forgivable loans to small businesses affected by the pandemic. ...[Read More]

Question on Citizenship

Democrats contend that asking the citizenship question will lead to an under-count on the U.S. census because a material number of non-citizens will refuse to respond to it, thereby creating a concomitant series of harmful effects in locales with large illegal immigrant populations. This argument flies in the face of logic and history. Instead of attempting to put the question on census forms, or adding it separately, Trump said he was issuing an executive order directing the Commerce Department to obtain citizenship data through means other than the census. That includes documents from the Department of Homeland Security, which houses citizenship and asylum services, and the Social Security Administration. “Today I’m here to say we are not backing down in our effort to determi...[Read More]

ICE to deport 1m illegal immigrants

During the Obama admin there were more than 80K times someone was here illegally, got caught, convicted of a crime & was released back out into the public. We either have the rule of law or we don’t.

The Border Wall flip flop

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Increasing tariffs’ Mexico

There is nothing new in this approach, previous administrations have tried to pressure the Mexican government to do more to stem the flow of migrants and to combat drugs and other crime. But no president has used the kind of blunt-force threat that Mr. Trump wielded. Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced he was sending his foreign minister to Washington, D.C., on Friday to negotiate with U.S. officials ahead of a June 10 deadline set by Trump. Over 30 million voters in Mexico gave this new president an historic landslide victory, which he won with over 50 percent of the votes. But today, six months after the new leader took office on December 1st, things are not looking quite as expected. Most of Mexico’s voters had hinged on his promises ...[Read More]

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