Impeachment Hysteria

The Mueller report was clearly not the end of the Democratic witch-hunt. Let’s just break this down. The final dollar amount of Mueller’s probe is estimated between $32 and $35 million.

About 30 or so House Democrats out of the 238 are pursuing the Impeachment path.

Also, this doesn’t appear to reflect the general public’s position at all and is merely a sign of the ‘loud squeaky wheel screaming for attention’. I’m talking about the frenzied media who have not relented in their effort to silence the ‘fake news’ radar.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Democrat-California

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sought to simmer down the intensifying calls to impeach President Donald Trump on Wednesday by stressing patience and highlighting that only a small number of Democrats are calling for the move. 

Frankly, if the commitment is so strong from the ’30’ House Democrats, I can only imagine that the evidence is overwhelming, so why not reveal the information you have that Mueller failed miserably to uncover!

Otherwise cease this nonsense, shut up and lets discuss the ‘real’ issues affecting peoples lives.

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