The Democratic Squad

Never have so few congressional newcomers been so influential.

The four women receive an unprecedented level of news media attention. Their comments are sought out on any number of major policy issues, far out of proportion to their experience, expertise or legislative record, which is basically nonexistent.

Rashida Tlaib , Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,

“The squad” has many problems. Its members are inexperienced. They are stars on social media more than they are serious legislators.

Trump won the 2016 election not primarily because he was liked, but because many voters disliked his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, even more.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Democrat

Nancy Pelosi, recognizing the danger of Trump continuing to bring “the squad” into the media limelight, has tried hard not to let “the squad” become the face of the Democratic Party. But Pelosi has no support from either “the squad” or the left-leaning media.

Both Omar and Tlaib insist they support democracy, but they want to boycott Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

True to its nickname, “the squad” has been shooting at everyone, including fellow Democrats, and especially Pelosi. 

Ocasio-Cortez accused Pelosi of “singling out newly elected women of color”.

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