Maxine Waters demands removal of President Trump

Maxine Waters demands removal of President Trump

The usual thing in the news cycle is the fear mongering about the president trying to steal the election. He wants to be a dictator. He doesn’t want free and fair elections. He’s trying to defund the postal service. He’s taking away mailboxes off the streets because he doesn’t want people to vote.

Transcript from an interview on MSNBC Saturday, August 15th, 2020 with Maxine Waters.

“This is a president that is the most deplorable human being that I’ve ever encountered in my life, and he’s undermining our democracy. We cannot take any more of this president.

This president is not only attacking the person that was just appointed, selected by Biden to be his vice president, and he has not hesitated to do it. This man has no shame. The name calling, he called the nasty on and on and on. I don’t know how much more the American people can take.

As a matter of fact, when you couple that with what he’s doing, undermining our democracy, tearing up the post office, I believe that it is time for Section four of amendment twenty five to be put in place. And his cabinet should send to Nancy Pelosi, the speaker, as I think, as I identified in the Constitution, that this man should be removed from office section twenty five should be put in place. He is dangerous. He is tearing up again.”

So the first claims that have been coming out from Democrats are all about mailboxes, that mailboxes are being removed. And the theory that they’re putting out there is that the federal government is going across the nation picking up mailboxes and just driving them to some location and storing them there so that people can’t put their mail in them and therefore people can’t vote.

And that the president is going to win the election because they hid 1,000’s of mailboxes.

In a image that’s gone viral on social media, it is claimed that these stacked mailboxes are proof of voter suppression.

Well, it turns out all of those missing mailboxes are the photos of mailboxes taken during the Obama administration. But we also note that scenes like this are not uncommon. In this widely shared viral image, the company site is that of Hartford Finishing — in business since 1986 with about 220 current employees that has a contract with the Postal Service to refurbish old mailboxes. The business specialises in powder painting systems.

What a surprise, the exact same thing that we saw with the president placing children into cages and all the pictures that are surfacing out there were all from the Obama administration.

The stimulus aid right now is being held up by Congress because the president refuses to sign a bill that adds three point five billion dollars in funding to the USPS, the US Postal Service.

And the reason behind that is that the current administration are against the notion of universal mail in ballots. They believe that fraud will be a major issue.

So the president isn’t defunding the US Postal Service. As Maxine Waters said, all he’s doing is refusing the 3.5 billion dollar tax to fund something which he views as fundamentally undemocratic.

The narrative pushed is that voter fraud in ‘vote by mail’ is rare. It is not mentioned that the these numbers come from the results on absentee voting, this represents a tiny percentage of total ballots being cast.

Over eighty thousand mail in ballots was disqualified in the NYC Primary mess. Philadelphia Democratic official pleads guilty to stuffing ballot boxes for cash. New Jersey attorney general charges local politicians and mail in voter fraud case. Pendleton County mail carrier charged with attempted election fraud. Man pleads guilty and voter fraud scheme on Skid Row. Illinois’s error registered a possible five hundred and forty five noncitizen voters, not to mention the amount of deceased people that are getting ballots as well as dogs and cats. Former Gordon Mayor Albert Melton, convicted of voter fraud, sentenced to a year in jail developer’s conviction for voter fraud reverberates throughout Hoboken.

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