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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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BLM Leader Allegedly Smears Human Waste on Seated Lincoln Statue

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BLM (Black Lives Matter) leader Terry Joe Wilson, 37, was arrested Tuesday night for vandalizing former President Abraham Lincoln’s statue in Idaho by smearing human waste over it.

Wilson has also been a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump. It’s especially ironic that Wilson vandalized the statue of the former president that freed slaves in the United States.

Wilson identified himself as a student and faculty member at Boise State University and was originally reported as the school’s Black Lives Matter chapter spokesman.

However, an update from the school provided by The Daily Wire stated the following:

“UPDATE: Bois State University told The Daily Wire Thursday that despite Wilson identifying himself as a student and an associate professor at the school, he is not a current student nor employee of the university.”

For whatever reason, this middle-aged man decided to spray faeces all over a bronze Lincoln statue at Julia Davis Park in Feb. 2021. This particular monument is known as the “Seated Lincoln.”

The leftist Wilson supports defunding the police and has even criticized current President Biden on the matter. There’s even a link in his bio to the Boise State Black Lives Matter chapter that includes a petition to defund the police.


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