Democrats milking Jan 6th Ignoring BLM Antifa Violence

Michelle Malkin lays out how Republicans need to counter Democrats weaponization of the January 6th riots for their own political purposes

Points covered include that:

  • FBI all out hunts and raids, reached across 44 States.
  • Continued detention of an unknown number of Trump supporters.
  • Over 2,000 criminal charges brought by Federal Prosecutors against 500 Americans arrested.

The Democrat Party continues to spend time and resources to get to the ‘bottom’ of all this, seeking an independent 9/11 style review. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer wants to place all those who attended the Jan 6 protest, be placed on a no-fly list.

Of course all law-breakers must be held responsible, so why is this news item relevant? Well, because NOTHING has been done about the murders, fire-bombs and riots in Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago and New York. Why are these not also being studied to the same standards as what the Democrats are doing here?

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