Double Standards

When we are have double standards, this is hypocritical, and we create injustices. We may fail to do the right thing, which might hurt people or even make them sick.

Free Pass for Biden Creepy Comments

President Biden went viral on Friday for his “creepy” moment complimenting a young girl during his speech. While speaking to the troops and their families at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia, the president appeared to give a shout-out to the young daughter of a veteran who was present.

Biden Waives Sanctions for Russia

President Biden this week waived sanctions on the company building the pipeline, giving way for the pipeine to go ahead from Russia to Germany.

Democrats milking Jan 6th Ignoring BLM Antifa Violence

Of course all law-breakers must be held responsible, so why is this news item relevant? Well, because NOTHING has been done about the murders, fire-bombs and riots in Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago and New York. Why are these not also being studied to the same standards as what the Democrats are doing here?

An Acute Case of Hypocrisy

What have we learned in 4 years and 100+ days, is that the Democrats suffer from an acute case of hypocrisy.

Biden had called Trumps Travel Restrictions as Hysterical Xenophobia

Watch the video where Joe Biden labels Trumps action to block travellers from China as 'chronic xenophobia'. How does he explain his own actions with India?

Either the vaccine works or it doesn’t

A few days after the 'Centers for Disease Control and Prevention' said vaccinated Americans no longer need to wear a face covering outside except in crowded settings, President Joe Biden indicated he would still probably wear a mask. Does the vaccine work?

Oscars produce some very odd viewing

Former President Donald Trump mocked the 2021 Oscars for receiving the lowest ratings in history, suggesting the failure was intertwined with Hollywood promoting the Democratic Party.

Dem Maxine Waters Incites Violence

You have to ask yourself, how is this 'not' inciting violence. She clearly says that everyone should be confrontational. Maxine Waters has also passed judgement and said the defendant is '... guilty, guilty, guilty...' This is a clear example of mob mentality justice at work.

Dems ‘breathtaking’ hypocrisy on violent rhetoric

Senator Ted Cruz has slammed Democrats as ‘hypocrites’ for their second impeachment push against Donald Trump, claiming they ‘cheered on BLM and Antifa’ while accusing Trump of inciting the fatal riot at the U.S. Capitol. ‘The president’s language at times is a little over heated. But if you look at the language he used, saying things like ‘fight’, saying things like ‘go retake our country’, if that is now incitement then we better prepare a long line to indict every candidate for office, anyone who’s ever run,’ Cruz said in an interview on Tuesday with Fox News host Sean Hannity. ‘The president was careful to say that the protesters should be peaceful,’ claimed Cruz, a Texas Republican, speaking after the ...[Read More]

Two weeks (only) of President Biden

“I have this strange notion: We are a democracy. Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally say, ‘Well, if you can’t get the votes, by executive order you’re going to do something.’ [Some] things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy.” - Joe Biden

2016 Pelosi Tweet – Our election was hijacked …

[cmsmasters_row][cmsmasters_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsmasters_text] Nancy Pelosi’s tweet suggesting Russia was behind Donald Trump’s 2016 election win remains untouched which has led to calls for consistency from Twitter as it continues to hit out at those doubting Joe Biden’s victory. [/cmsmasters_text][/cmsmasters_column][/cmsmasters_row][cmsmasters_row data_shortcode_id=”hvpofrel59″ data_padding_bottom_mobile_v=”0″ data_padding_top_mobile_v=”0″ data_padding_bottom_mobile_h=”0″ data_padding_top_mobile_h=”0″ data_padding_bottom_tablet=”0″ data_padding_top_tablet=”0″ data_padding_bottom_laptop=”0″ data_padding_top_laptop=”0″ data_padding_bottom_large=&...[Read More]

Rhode Island’s Democrat Gov Tells Residents ‘Stay Home’ Before Visiting Wine Bar

Democratic Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo was reportedly seen “drinking at a wine bar” just days after demanding fellow citizens stay at home to slow the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. “Democratic Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo was seen drinking at a wine bar just four days after reminding citizens to comply with coronavirus restrictions and stay home except for essential activities,” reports the Daily Caller. “Photos published by Turtleboy Sports and the libertarian group Liberty Rhode Island reportedly show Raimondo sitting in a local restaurant for a ‘wine and paint’ night without a mask. The photo was taken by Erica Oliveras, who said she was also at the event at Barnaby’s Public House in Providence, Rhode Island, according to ABC 6 News,” adds the website.

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