Democrats Race for Presidency 2020

The Democrats are going through a process this year to determine who will enter the race for President in 2020 vs, Donald Trump.

There are presently 24 Democratic Candidates, and a series of televised debates will help determine who is best for the job. Two debates have already taken place, with a third one to be held on 12th September, 2019.

To qualify for the third debate, Candidates must meet both a polling and donor threshold: At least 2 percent in four national DNC-approved polls and at least 130,000 unique donors, coming from at least 400 unique donors in 20 or more states.

As of this current time, only seven candidates have announced that they meet all the requirements, the others have until 28th August to meet the qualification requirements.

National polls are a flawed tool for predicting elections. But the broad national picture is still important, offering a sense of which candidates are gaining support overall. The Candidates with 10% or more ratings are:

Joseph R, Biden, 30% Rating

Joe Biden is leading but has faced criticism, most recently for saying he worked well with segregationists in the past.

Elizabeth Warren, 14% Rating

Elizabeth Warren, is gaining support with detailed plans on universal child-care, opioid addiction and abortion rights, in addition to her calls for regulating big banks and the market.

Bernie Sanders, 14% Rating

Bernie Sanders is back after a strong run in 2016 with proposals rooted in democratic socialism, such as free public university and Medicare for all.

Kamala Harris, 12% Rating

Kamala Harris’ background as a prosecutor may play well against President Trump, but could hurt her amid rollbacks of tough sentencing laws that especially affect African Americans.

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