Negative Nancy wants higher wages not lower unemployment

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2017-2018: From Pelosi’s perspective, the country was on a better path during the era of President Barack Obama. They passed the Affordable Care Act, which Pelosi still believes is the best course for providing quality health care to the most people.

Side note: Obamacare, while well-intentioned, is tottering.

Obama and Pelosi had teamed up on 2009’s massive spending package, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which used government money to jump-start infrastructure projects and other economic activity after the financial crisis. “If you are going to improve the economy of the country, it’s not about trickle-down economics,” she said, making an apparent reference to Trump’s tax reforms. “It’s about increasing consumer confidence.”

Their huge construction spending on roads and bridges, while important, tends to come with a short-term burst of hiring and a big price tag.

Pelosi, as with most Democrats will not acknowledge that joblessness is at a record low for Hispanics and near a record for African-Americans under Trumps economy?

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