False and Misleading information about Pandemic

The world has seen a whole series of very important authorities provide “intentional or unintentional” false and misleading information since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mid-January 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, we had arguably the most important international body – the World Health Organisation – echo the propaganda from China that there was no human to human transmission,”.

This was critical, they did it at the beginning and they may well have encouraged certain countries to delay the implementation of measures that could have contained or restricted the spread.

Whistleblowers and doctors in China have been “pulled aside” and “disciplined”, while others simply disappeared.

This is straight out of ‘1984’, George Orwell would be rolling over saying ‘I warned you about this stuff, now it’s happening’,” he said. “People have seen lots of false promises, lots of false information from organisations that they should be able to trust.

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