Biden says guilty again before an investigation or trial

It appears to be the norm now that if a policeman shoots a black man, that he is without doubt ‘guilty’. At least the message from our Democrat leaders is to presume police officers are guilty until proven … well, he’s guilty, guilty, guilty.

On two separate occasions now, Biden has called for the arrest of people who did not do anything wrong. This clearly is not what I would refer to as exemplary leadership skills in bringing a nation together.

Media coverage on Jacob Blake presumed the police officer who shot him did so on racial determination. We later find out that Jacob Blake was armed with a knife during the struggle. The media quietly swept this or any apology under the carpet.

On January 6th, Officer Sicknick passed away around the time of the Capitol Hill riot and Biden jumps in and calls for justice against the perpetrators. Usually, one would generally wait for the facts to come in before making statements like that, but in true mob justice mentality, there is the presumption of guilty without an investigation nor trial.

Turns out the Officer had a stroke and was not attacked upon with a fire extinguisher as was touted by the media.

Also, both Joe Biden and Maxine Waters had put their thumbs on the scale during jury deliberations for Officer Chauvin (trial in Minnesota). There is a reason, people (especially with influence) are not supposed to comment until all of the facts are in.

Personally, it’s hard to fathom that the officer’s actions were above board anyway, but these Democrat leaders should know better than to chirp into the narrative. It is just plain wrong.

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