Protesters say Guilty Verdict not enough

Journalist Ami Horowitz interviewed protesters in Minneapolis as the jury announced their verdict, and their reactions to Chauvin’s conviction.

One Black Lives Matter extremist told him, “There shouldn’t even be a trial, he should be convicted just as is.”

Another said, “Burn the whole city down, what does it matter?”

Another said, “I don’t want to say we need to start killing all white folks, but it’s like …. Maybe they need to feel the pain and the hurt.”

When Horowitz asked a fourth protester whether a civil war was necessary, she said, “If that’s what it takes, then we have to do it.”

In a livestream outside of the Capitol, Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told her audience, This verdict is not justice. Frankly, I don’t even think we call it full accountability because there are multiple officers that were there. It wasn’t just Derek Chauvin. And I also don’t want this moment to be framed as this system working.

In other words, Ocasio-Cortez won’t be happy until all four police officers present during George Floyd’s death are convicted of murder—and the United States has a completely new criminal justice system.

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