Washington declares another shooting as racially based.

Please note that this article is not passing judgement on the attacker nor the police, I am highlighting how some political representatives and news media are irresponsibly projecting tragic events to be racially based before all the facts are known. This needs to stop as it’s fuelling division, feeding a political narrative, and is absolutely reckless. Once again, before an investigation had been completed.

Jen Psaki from the podium in the White House was literally reciting the racist, divisive talking points of the “wokest” ideology that seems to have now captured the levers of power in a really frightening way.

What Psaki left out during the White House’s critical view of the shooting was the officer who responded to the call, shot Bryant when she was about to stab another black girl with a knife. Prior to the shooting, the officer can be heard on the body camera footage, which was released late Tuesday night, telling everyone to get on the ground.


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