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Democrat Leaders not promoting peaceful growth for their constituent’s

Democrat Leaders not promoting  peaceful growth for their constituent’s

Note: This article is not commenting on George Floyd, nor the police involved. This article is focused on how the Democrat leaders and the media are engaged in the narrative and share in the ideals of the continuing violence.

A frenzy of violence, arson, and looting accompanied the first days of the Floyd protests. The mass media reported on the series of protesting being mainly peaceful.

While Minneapolis burned, Governor Tim Walz (Democrat) of Minnesota rambled on about how the people of his state were “second in happiness behind Hawaii.”

Jacob Frey (Democrat), Mayor of Minneapolis, claimed involvement in the riots by “white supremacists, members of organized crime,” and “possibly even foreign actors,” raising the spectre of Russian president Vladimir Putin walking the mean streets of his city.

With some notable exceptions, local police performed as if they had never been trained for civil disturbances—disappearing in the face of mass lawlessness or at times aggravating the situation with excessive force. For this, too, we must hold their elected masters responsible.

Many of the officials involved were liberal Democrats who shared the ideals of the protesters and were paralyzed by fear of doing anything that might transform them into villains of the narrative. They refused to discriminate between protesters and criminals and were content to pass the blame to white supremacists, Putin, or Trump.

Kamala Harris (Democrat) in June, 2020 helped violent rioters in Minnesota get out of jail with a fund raising effort.

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