Oscars produce some very odd viewing

Privileged millionaires giving awards to other millionaires while a room full of millionaires looks on and applauds after turning up from their luxury mansions in private limos and receiving their 200 thousand dollar gift bags, while lecturing the peasantry about oppression and injustice.

The point of entertainment is to escape from the craziness of the world. If I wanted to watch a scathing lecture, I would sign up for a college class. Ricky Gervais nailed it in his 2020 speech.

Former President Donald Trump mocked the 2021 Oscars for receiving the lowest ratings in history, suggesting the failure was intertwined with Hollywood promoting the Democratic Party. 

You’ll notice unlike most comedians, once Ricky got going into his flow he didn’t pause for laughter between each statement, because he didn’t expect laughter. His usual and intended audience were not in the room, only his targets.

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