Joe Bidens weakness at addressing Gaza Conflict

Fox News contributor Kayleigh McEnany has ripped into Joe Biden’s weakness when it comes to handling the violence in the Middle East.

Before the violence broke out, the Biden administration had been working in fragile indirect negotiations to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal, an agreement Israel opposes so vehemently that it dispatched the head of its Mossad intelligence service to Washington to tell Biden personally that re-entering it would be a mistake, according to people familiar with the meeting.

Hamas is testing US President Joe Biden to see what concessions might be achievable under the weak American leadership. The ongoing violence in Gaza which has entered its second week gives rise to fears of a new Middle East war.

At the centre of all this is the inept and incompetent President of the United States of America. Former Obama administration State Department official, Brett Bruen, said President Biden came into office and tried to put the issue of Israel on the “back burner” hoping it will go away.

It is hard to imagine how a “78-year-old in cognitive decline” can comprehend these issues let alone address them.


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