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What is driving the war against Israel

Sky News host Andrew Bolt has spoken about how many journalists are “dangerously ignorant” about what really is “driving this war against Israel”.

“These are journalists who think Israel is to blame for having Islamist terrorists in Gaza firing more than 3,000 rockets at it,” Mr Bolt said.

“They think it all started because some Jewish landlords in East Jerusalem are trying to evict six Palestinian families who, by the way, were refusing to pay their rent.

“How stupid though, do you have to be, to think that that court case is why Israel is being hit with 3,000 rockets.

“Any journalist should get a hint of the truth just from the anti-Israel protests we are seeing around the world.

“For the casual leftist protester, I do get their ignorance, but journalists I think, have no excuse.

“It is their responsibility to work out what is really going on.

“They should know this isn’t really about a few houses in East Jerusalem.

“This is an uprising that Iran, the fascist, Islamist regime, has been planning for months, if not longer.”

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