Dr. Anthony Fauci casts blame on Donald Trump for COVID deaths

Dr. Anthony Fauci attempted to blame, or single out, Donald Trump for COVID-19-related deaths in America on CNN+ recently, without quantifying what the former president could have done differently during the early stages of the 2020 pandemic.

Supermarkets in Australia are running out of stock as Delta isolates workers

Australians are queueing to get their groceries, with lines stretching for hundreds of metres in some cases, as shoppers try to keep their distance from one another. Is Australia running out of food, why are the shelves bare?

Border crisis is a failure of leadership

How much at the Border is this contributing to the number of coronavirus cases in the United States? That’s hard to determine but it’s ridiculous to think it’s having no impact. At this point, health officials announcing that it’s not a problem is about as credible as when people declared that President Donald Trump’s rallies were super spreader events yet had no issue with Black Lives Matter protests.

Biden trusts WHO to investigate origins of Virus

As the virus started seeping from its origins in a Wuhan wet market in China late last year, the information coming from the World Health Organization (WHO) was one of dismissal, in line with the Chinese Communist Party's muzzling of the disease's potency.

Biden had called Trumps Travel Restrictions as Hysterical Xenophobia

Watch the video where Joe Biden labels Trumps action to block travellers from China as 'chronic xenophobia'. How does he explain his own actions with India?

Either the vaccine works or it doesn’t

A few days after the 'Centers for Disease Control and Prevention' said vaccinated Americans no longer need to wear a face covering outside except in crowded settings, President Joe Biden indicated he would still probably wear a mask. Does the vaccine work?

Pure Corruption $1.9t Stimulus Package

Schumer and Pelosi sneak funding into the stimulus package to save them from their own failures. Democratic lawmakers are abusing the new COVID relief bill to save themselves from their own failures at the expense of the American taxpayer. Democrats like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Chuck Schumer claim they are creating the relief packages for the common man and woman but when you take a closer look, you will realize their bill is jam packed with personal agendas. The new stimulus package will be erasing San Francisco’s projected $650 million deficit which grew as a result to Democrats’, specifically Nancy Pelosi’s, poor management. The package will also be erasing Chuck Schumer’s deficit in New York. Spokesman for Schumer, Angelo Roefaro tweeted of the “American Res...[Read More]

Fake News Narrative

Left Biased Media and Democrat Politicians chirp in on the Super Spreader narrative, not even Dr Fauci was right with this. They all still believe however that "illegal" immigrants who have tested positive for Covid can still be let into the country.

$1.9tn Stimulus Package little for Pandemic related Recovery

This legislation is supposed to be about ending the pandemic, reviving the economy, and providing Americans the financial relief they need to make it through this tough stretch. It is disappointing to see House committees straying from that mission. It’s time to refocus.

False and Misleading information about Pandemic

This is straight out of '1984', George Orwell would be rolling over saying ‘I warned you about this stuff, now it’s happening’,” he said. “People have seen lots of false promises, lots of false information from organisations that they should be able to trust, particularly about the pandemic.

Has the Relief Package been passed

In a statement released after Trump signed the $600 billion stimulus bill into law, he said the Senate would “start the process for a vote that: 1. increases checks to $2,000, 2. repeals Section 230, 3. and starts an investigation into voter fraud.” Those are the three provisions McConnell has attempted to package into one piece of legislation despite objections from Democrats. “Section 230” is a reference to a 1996 federal law that broadly indemnifies tech platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google for the actions of their users. Trump has railed against the tech companies as they have started to crack down on his postings alleging voter fraud in the November election, as well as much more aggressive actions targeting postings made by his supporters containing threats and disinformati...[Read More]

Relief Aid for Foreign Countries

Trump has the moral high ground when he says that the pandemic relief package passed by Congress last week is inadequate when you consider that the government funding bill that it was paired with sends billions of dollars to countries that don’t even like the United States. “I simply want to get our great people $2000, rather than the measly $600 that is now in the bill, Also, stop the billions of dollars in ‘pork.” Donald Trump OK, yeah, he’s right, that $2,000 would better stimulate the economy and would help out a lot of people who have been financially kneecapped by the pandemic. But it can’t be said enough that the one-time payment is not the most important part of the bill. The extension of $300 extra in weekly unemployment benefits is. The one-tim...[Read More]

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