VP Kamala had praised the Biden withdrawal decision

Kamala Harris silent after bragging about Biden’s ‘disastrous’ Afghan withdrawal

Joe Biden has ‘sentenced’ Afghan women with troop withdrawal: Sky News Australia

Vice President Kamala Harris says she helped shape the Biden administration’s plan to promptly withdraw all American soldiers from Afghanistan, which was announced in April.

Biden’s decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan was praised by the vice president. Harris told CNN host Dana Bash,  “This is a president who has an extraordinary amount of courage. He is someone who I have seen – over and over again – make decisions based on what he truly believes, based on his years of doing this work and studying these issues, what he believes is the right thing to do.”

In Australia, the former Speaker of the House Bronwyn Bishop says Joe Biden has “sentenced” women in Afghanistan with the withdrawal of troops and subsequent Taliban takeover.

“He will wear this like a noose around his neck,” Ms Bishop told Sky News host Gary Hardgrave. “There’s no two ways that he can ever be held up as a man of honour, ever. “And that means we are going to have to reappraise the way we do things.”

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